Tulip Time 2017

Come celebrate Tulip time with us!

Branson on the Road

Branson on the Road

May 4/5, 2017

This show has over 20 years of experience performing at theatres in Branson on the famous 76 Country Music Boulevard & is the first national touring show named for the famous city. Tickets

Davis Folkerts - Pella Opera House Organist

Silent Movie Theatre Organ

May 4/5, 2017

Mr. Folkerts will dazzle audiences with performances on the Barton Theatre Organ. Tickets

The Reluctant Pioneer

May 4, 2017

A thoroughly enjoyable one-woman live theatre production by Beverly Graves of Pella’s “first lady,” Mareah Scholte. Tickets

The Flying Pans Steel Drum Band

May 6, 2017

While the members play Caribbean music, they don’t limit themselves to that genre. The Flying Pans are known for their theatrical performances, complete with costumes, lights and visual aids. Tickets